Membership Level

Business A | 1-5 employees | $170
Business B | 6-10 employees | $325
Business C | 11-25 employees | $490
Business D | 26-50 employees | $650
Business E | 51-75 employees | $790
Business F | 76-100 employees | $1,100
Supporter | non-business | $100

Companies with more than 100 employees may contact us for your rate.


Payment may be made by cash, check, credit card (V/MC/Disc).

Dues are based on a twelve month cycle and billed accordingly.

Downtown Topeka is a 501(c)6 organization.

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Business membership is based on the number of full-time, Topeka based employees of a business. Full Business Membership entitles you to full member benefits, including promotional opportunities. *Non-business members have limited benefits, i.e., After Hours, socials, event volunteerism and weekly e-news.

If you have questions about the level of your membership, please contact the DTI office at 785.234.9336 for email

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Business A - $170Business B - $325Business C - $490Business D - $650Business E - $790Business F - $1,100Supporter - $100

You will be invoiced following receipt of the membership application.

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