Join us for the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade! 

The 2017 events will be held on Saturday, March 11, 2017 kicked off by the parade at high noon!  

For more info visit:

REGISTRATION (NEW INFO) is now being gathered in one central location for “open entry” downtown parades to help provide better communication with entrants, parade hosts and Shawnee County Emergency Management (SCEM). This allows us to inform you of upcoming parades and forward updates as changes arise. The information you provide, especially your driver’s license, is not shared with outside entities except for the purpose of assisting in case of a Mass Casualty Emergency. The information is NOT processed under scrutiny by law enforcement. It allows us to have a database of contacts in case of emergency and also assists SCEM perform practice drills in case they are ever faced with a mass casualty situation, affording them additional grant funding through FEMA. We appreciate your cooperation. If you are uncomfortable providing the complete information or unsure who a driver will be, you can have your license scanned in the staging entry by SCEM prior to entering the parade route. No one driving a vehicle will be allowed in the parade route without registering either on this site or with the SCEM in staging.

We are asking for a voluntary contribution to LifeHouse Child Advocacy Center of $10 per float (please bring cash the day of parade). LifeHouse Child Advocacy Center brings Together People and Resources to Protect the Physical and Emotional Well-being of Child Victims.

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