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To ensure that Topeka’s downtown is the center of a thriving regional economy through recruiting, retaining and engaging commercial, cultural and residential opportunities.


Downtown Topeka is nationally recognized for its innovative and effective development of commercial, cultural and residential activity and increased quality of life in the Topeka region.

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Equity &


Downtown Topeka is the heart of the community and serves as the mirror that reflects, demonstrates, and celebrates the diversity of its citizens.

It has a strong history rooted in commerce and inclusion and represents diversity of cultures, arts, entrepreneurs, innovative products, and services.

As representatives of Downtown Topeka, Inc., we strive to be a symbol of pride, prosperity, and diversity. We stand together against racism and discrimination and commit to being intentional in identifying factors that harm, exclude and eliminate members of our community.

As members and representatives of Downtown Topeka Inc., we pledge to foster an environment where all citizens and visitors feel welcome.

From Vision To Reality

What’s Next For Topeka?

Heartland Visioning led public forums asking, “What’s next for Topeka?”. The response was to create a vibrant downtown. And, the design process begins.

Infrastructure Replacements

City Council votes to commit $5 million toward needed infrastructure replacement, if private sector funding can assist with topside enhancements.

Private Sector Donations

Private sector donor campaign begins, and exceeded the $1.8 million goal, by raising $4.4 million.

Infrastructure Replacement Begins

Infrastructure replacement begins – water lines, electrical, storm sewers, curbs and sidewalks, mill and overlay.

Topside Enhancements Begin

Topside enhancements begin, along with amenities.

Topside Project Completion

Topside enhancements and project comes to completion.

Evergy Plaza Founding

Completion of the Evergy Plaza.



DTI provides administrative services and oversight for the Capital Business Improvement District (CBID). The CBID is responsible for basic maintenance and snow removal of the core area and promotion of downtown in its entirety through marketing and events.

“What is really exciting about Downtown Topeka right now is that so many people want to be a part of the excitement. In the last 3-4 years, we have developed over 40 residential lofts and none of those lofts have sat vacant for more than 2 weeks. There is an energy downtown that I have never seen before and with the continuing development of Evergy Plaza and additional restaurants, I don’t see it slowing down.”

Mark Bernhide, Jackson Lofts

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